Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Little Background Info......

My name is Joe Borrelli. I'm a 25 year old native of Endicott, NY. I moved to Raleigh, NC in December of 1996 and currently still live in Raleigh. I have a BS in Civil Engineering from North Carolina State University, Class of 2004. I have been an avid sports fan since I can remember. I grew up playing and/or following a number of sports ranging from football and baseball to lacrosse and racquetball (and everything in between).

Of all the sports, the NFL is my passion. I grew up a die hard Oakland Raiders fan; attending numerous games with my dad and friends on father/son trips whenever they would come to the east coast. I've seen games at Cleveland, Cincinnati, New York, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Diego, New England, and most recently Carolina. I was too young to remember the last Super Bowl win and old enough to be crushed by the last Super Bowl loss, but I go into each year confident that the team we have might be the one that finally wins it all.

As far as MLB, I'm a huge Chicago White Sox fan and after suffering through 15 years of mediocrity and disappointment; I was finally able to experience the joy of a World Series Championship. I was so happy that my childhood team was finally able to bring home the hardware! Hopefully this season they can do it all over again and prove that it wasn't a fluke.

Admittedly I'm not a huge fan of the NBA or NHL, but I do follow the New Jersey Nets and since moving to Raleigh, I've become a Carolina Hurricanes fan. As for the Nets, what can I say they continue to get me excited every year and they prove all their critics right, that "you can't win without a big man." As for the Canes, it's been an interesting ride. They're the former Hartford Whalers, a team whose farm club I grew up watching near my hometown (Binghamton Whalers), so they seemed like the logical choice of team to follow. Well I'll admit it's worked out well these past few years and I hope to get to see them win the Stanley Cup this time around.

In the NCAA, I grew up a Syracuse fan and a Kentucky fan. Syracuse for proximity (I lived an hour from the Carrier Dome) and Kentucky for the style of play and tradition. I spent many a night at the Carrier Dome growing up, watching the likes of Derrick Coleman and Lawrence Moten on the hardwood, Marvin Graves and Qadry Ismail on the gridiron, and the Gait Brothers on the lacrosse field. I loved Kentucky basketball, because I grew up playing for a coach that ran the same style offense that Coach Pitino ran and I always tried to envision myself as one of the players out on the court. Though I still follow both schools and root for them to do well; I'm definitely a fan of the NC State Wolfpack. Shortly after moving to Raleigh I had to make a choice: be a State fan or a Carolina fan? I attended a State football game and new this was the team for me, but not wanting to make a biased decision I went to a Carolina game as well and when I was asked to turn down my music at the tailgate and observed fans actually using table clothes and "fine china" to eat their food, I knew my initial instinct had not steered me in the wrong direction. From 1999 to 2004, I attended as many games as I could for both football and basketball, basking in the upsets and monumental victories and just as often suffering after the tough loss or occasional blowout. Since graduating I am now a season ticket holder to both sports and plan to remain one as long as I can. Someday, hopefully sooner then later, I hope that NC State will have the chance to bring home a National Championship in both sports.

For those of you who know me, I'm surprised you're still reading this, but maybe you learned something new. For those of you who've just met me, I hope you come back and continue to read my thoughts and opinions and look forward to your comments on what I have to say. Since this is my first post I'm not sure yet how often I will be updating the site, but I hope to eventually get to the point where I will be providing new links and info each day and a new post at least once a week, so check back frequently and I will do my best to keep you up to date on the wide world of sports.


Blogger Fanuch said...

Great post Mr. Borrelli. I am looking forward to learning from your vast knowledge in professional and college sports. Blogging about something you are passionate about is a great means to let others know what you truly believe about a specific subject. As a side note.....the Bills are better than the Raiders, and the Mets are better than the White Sox.....haha.....Happy Blogging!

4:40 AM  
Blogger Fanuch said...

I think you should add my site as a link on yours and I will do the same. How does that sound Borrelli Nation?

6:35 AM  
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